Do you feel like your meetings are taking too long? That you never reach any agreements and always repeat the same old arguments? That your thoughts and actions are completely disorganized and that you're running out of new ideas and concepts? Are you turning in circles and repeating the same old mistakes? You might feel like you're not talented or creative, but now you can change all that.

If you have found yourself in the description on the left side, then you have to learn to think more creatively and effectively! Special techniques exist that you can use to improve your thinking. Books and manuals are available, as well as workshops and trainings. The purpose of these techniques is twofold. You can learn them out of curiosity, but it is even more important to use them. This kind of thinking, parallel and lateral, has to become a habit. The methods work – however, just like posture, they only work if we stick to them strictly! chanel replica sale

Hundreds of thousands of people can confirm this. At least 400,000 people worldwide have learnt to use the Six Hats (effective thinking) methods and over 175,000 have participated at Lateral Thinking (creative thinking) workshops. 800 licensed instructors from 30 countries participate in bringing the benefits of de Bono's methods to a broader audience. Since May 2007 the New Moment New Ideas agency has five idea thinkers who are also licensed instructors and work in the region as part of the Council for New replica handbags

Both methods were developed by dr. Edward de Bono, a psychologist and doctor, who likes to present himself as a thinker, and the leading global authority in creative thinking and direct learning as skill. After 30 years of using his methods, we can confirm that they work. They are most frequently used by work groups and teams, so trainers are usually invited into companies, schools and other organizations. However, they also help individuals and couples. chanel replica